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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  April 16, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it is one of the worst of these cases oakland and animal services has seen. the sweet natured cocker spaniel wasn't beaten. don knapp says it was the victim of criminal neglect. and a warning, some of this video may be difficult to watch. >> hi, big boy. hi, honey. sweety, can't you stand up? >> no? >> what may have been years of neglect left this 4-year-old cocker spaniel tied up in knots in its own severely matted hair. >> these are toes with the nails. >> that's good. it looks like they are curled back into his pads. >> i'm sure they are. >> hair in his paws mat sod -- matted so thick the nails were twisted trying to get through. the lack of simple grooming admitted to animal cruelty and the dog they're calling van
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winkle crippled and in pain. >> come on. >> after emergency room grooming and medical treatment, van winkle is on the road to recovery. but it will take some time. >> he is being treated with pain medicine, because he has an ear infection. and his feet, from being matted for so long, and being deformed, that now that we've taken the mats off, it is like taking a cast off and there is not the normal muscle movement she have. >> free of the air that locked his limbs like a cast, van winkle moves about on shaky legs thanks to a team effort to cut away the mats at pet es emergency in berkeley. >> he has a really good nature. and just standard grooming and care, he would have not been in this position. >> van winkle will be up for adoption eventually. but for now, he's got to get back to running around and being a dog. well, oakland animal services work on getting van winkle healthy and ready for adoption they're working on trying to find out who it was that did this to him.
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anyone with information is asked to call oakland animal services. the number is on the web site at oakland animal they're also looking for donations to help with his care. in oakland, don knapp, cbs 5. and still no sign tonight of the two pit bulls that attacked a san jose woman and her dog. dawn wilson and her husky mix shadow were working in capital park when the dogs came out of the darkness and wilson was bitten on the hands and face and legs but shadow had to be put down, it was worse. and a critical weekend for brian stow and doctors are slowly bringing him out of the medically induced coma he lass been in for two weeks and should be able to determine if he has any permanent brain damage by the beating he received from two dodgers fans march 31. police are still looking for the suspects and the award has
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reached $100,000 for information. and fundraisers all over the bay area including this one, today at mccovy's in walnut creek. and the restaurant is donating part of the daily receipts and hold a raffle and auction for giants autographed jerseys and baseballs. >> the response has been tremendous. from little kids, five and six- year-old, giving a dollar from their allowance to people making huge contributions. >> the goal is to raise $20,000. willie mccovey himself hopes to present the proceeds to the brian stow fund and it continues until 11:00 tonight. the debate over medical marijuana shots in san jose -- shots in san jose could end this week with the city council banning all pot clubs. just last week, the council tentatively approved zoning for the clubs but they can't decide on how many pot dispensaries they will allow. some council members want to compromise by limiting the numbers to 15. right now there are more than 100 in the city. the marijuana industry may earn big bucks in california. but it is definitely not a
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green business. a study by the lawrence berkeley national laboratory finds that growing pot indoors uses 3% of the state's electricity each year. and that's equal to the amount of electricity used by 1 million households. checking other bay area headlines, oakland police are investigating the city's 31st homicide of 2011. a 35-year-old man was found inside a car. in the 7100 block of holiday avenue about 2:00 a.m. the driver had hit several parked cars. his gunshot wound wasn't discovered until he was at the hospital. where he died. his name has not been released. the palo alto railroad crossing where a driver died yesterday is open again. a husband and wife visiting from indiana were trapped in their car when the crossing gate came down at charleston and alma. the husband was able to escape. but his wife did not. and she died at the scene. the intersection has been closed. part of the day. while cal train repaired the
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train signals. and a ban on the road side memorials has been imposed on a stretch of highway 4 in contra costa county. the highway 4 bypass authority says memorials will be removed immediately on the road between antioch and brentwood. the authorities say there are safety hazards for passing drivers and the people who set them up. well, springtime means college applications and acceptances. and this year, many families are touring the uc campuses with more than the usual list of questions. elizabeth wenger on why some are wondering if the university of california system is a sound choice. >> reporter: blue and gold pride shined on the uc berkeley campus for cal day. an event for prospective students and their parents. a change of pace from the usual grim news about cutbacks and fee
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hikes. >> we don't want to pay more but we will do what we have to do to get our kids in the college. >> reporter: mary in walnut creek has five kids to put through college. the tuition talk is big news around the dinner table. >> we save our pennies to send our kids to college. >> reporter: the cost of a uc education continues to go up. the governor recently warned an all cuts approach to the state's budget crisis could lead to a doubling of tuition to as much as 25,000 per year. and cal is megan's first choice but tuition hikes may mean she will have to go somewhere else. >> i'm kind of sad about it. i mean i really want to go here. but it all depends on the costs, i guess. >> reporter: protests are nothing new to this campus. but students say the proposed cuts have made life on campus more difficult. >> it is like oh, people are rioting again. you notice, it is very frustrating. when you're trying to just go to school, i don't want to walk on campus and have to see a bunch of police surrounding wheeler hall. >> help us out, man. >> reporter: today's protest was a little more stripped down. a few students got down to their underwear.
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to demonstrate they won't be stripped of their rights to higher education. >> i really do believe higher education is very, very important for me. so i feel like i will have to take out loans but that would add up. >> reporter: this family of southern california insists berkeley is still a good deal. compared to private schools. >> we still think it is a really great price for education. >> reporter: in berkeley, elizabeth wenger, cbs 5. . questions of seismic safety. why demonstrators marched near one of the state's nuclear power plants demanding answers. we can't have people that represent the party that are elected officials out making racist statements against people. >> and a controversial photo e- mailed by a tea party member. how she is defending what some are calling an offensive picture. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. nice start to the weekend. temperatures very mild outside. looking good right now. but there is a hint of rain in the forecast. we will tell you when coming
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canyon nuclear power plant. they want the s hundreds of protesters gathered today to protest the diablo canyon nuclear power plant. they want the state to suspend pg&e's application to renew its license to operate the facility. the demonstrators want seismic studies on recently discovered earthquake faults near the plant. pg&e says they also requested a delay for the same reasons. a permanent southern california republican is accused of spreading hate. the target? president obama depicted as a
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monkey. . >> a member of their own party. >> i have never seen anything like this before from an elected official. it is stunning. >> in an e-mail sent out to elected officials, marilyn davenport, a member of the central committee of the republican party sent this photo along with the phrase, now you know why no birth certificate. >> no average person would send this out and feel comfortable with this, that this was just a joke. >> reporter: former chairman of the california republican party michael schroeder viewed the e- mail tonight from another member of his party. he is calling for davenport's resignation. he says it is not her first brush with racist rhetoric. remember this e-mail of the white house watermelon patch? sent by the mayor of los almedos. others talked about him stepping down and davenport defended him. and the new port beach council member talked about grass near the beach, because quote, with
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grass, we usually get mexicans, schroeder says she defended him as well. >> that's three strikes. >> reporter: we wanted to ask marilyn davenport about this tonight but she hung up the phone too quickly. davenport admitted she sent the e-mail calling it a joke meant for her friends. she called the issue ridiculous. blaming the news media for blowing it out of proportion and then hung up the phone. >> the chairman demanded the resignation, talking about instituting procedures to kick her off the excitey. this is unbelievably outrageous despicable conduct. >> that was stacy butler reporting. the county party chair also said the e-mail was quote contrary to the message the party wants to send. a tax day rally in sacramento. thousands of tea party supporters turned out to celebrate the second anniversary of the tea party movement. among those attending were a group of teenaged tea partiers who say they're working to get more teens involved in politics. well, lp's, 45's, a side or
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b? sound familiar? well maybe not. but today, it was the celebration of music at more than 700 independent record stores across the country. and in the bay area, people gathered at amoeba music in san francisco to show their love for vinyl. >> it sounds better than an millipitas. mp3 sounds cold and a record has a definite sound to it. >> and the people we talked to are big fans of of the hiss an scratches and as part of the festivities artists had special releases and other promotions and the annual event started in 2008. dare we plant the spring flowers? we will ask lawrence next. sprucing up mother earth for her special day. the work done in the bay area next.
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an earth day celebration a little early at candlestick point recreation area in san francisco. volunteers from pg&e planted trees, removed graffiti, and cleaned up the shoreline. this is just one of the many such projects at state parks and with budget cuts, officials hope there will be more volunteer efforts. the actual earth day is next friday. between now and then, we might have a rain shower or two. here is lawrence. >> that's right. i have not planted the world
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famous guarden this year. some years i can get it in in march. this year we have to wait. the veggies don't like the cold weather. >> it will start to warm up in parts of of the bay area. a nice weekend. 60s and 70s outside. let's get out there and check it out. a beautiful day. especially inland. we had a lot of sunshine. a couple of passing clouds. but we have the fog toward the coastline. of course that kept the temperatures way down. highs there only in the 50s. still this is what we're looking at now. we have the system trying to work its way in toward the bay area but high pressure is still sitting overhead. so i think as we head to tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. some very mild temperatures. 60s and 70s in many spots. out toward the beaches, yup, we've got 50s and 60s. and fog and sunshine. and some cool weather there. and high today worked out like this. 61 in pacifica and 73 in redwood city. and 76 the hot spot in santa rosa. and 74 in livermore. and right now, those temperatures are running in the 50s out toward the beaches and we still have some 60s and 70s in many of the valleys. still if you plan on traveling around the state, we could see
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a few more raindrops showing up the further north you do go and of course the high country can see a couple of showers. a slight chance for tomorrow. rain becoming lightly toward monday in the mountains and returning to sunshine as we look toward tuesday. still, the high pressure is holding on just a bit. you get the sense. you get the next storm. this one will drop over the top of the ridge. eventually we're talking about rain in the bay area late sunday night into monday. but for tomorrow, expect some partly cloudy skies. it looks like it will be pretty nice around the bay area. just the passing clouds. and of course the patchy fog. roll the clock forward to 7:00 in the morning tomorrow. a few clouds moving on by. the rain just to the north. but as we head in toward the afternoon the computer model is trying to hint that some of that may drop further to the south. if that happens we could see live showers in northern sonoma county as close as it gets. passing clouds and pretty nice temperatures outside. highs in the afternoon look like this. 73 morgan hill. partly cloudy. and 70 in millipitas. and 66 in san mateo. and east bay numbers in the 60s in toward oakland and almeda.
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but lots of 70s in many of the valleys. in the north bay, a few more clouds there. keeping it cool out to the coast in the 50s. but we may sneak to 70 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days, rain becoming more likely as we head toward monday around the entire bay area and a return to sunshine on tuesday. and a slight chance of showers. as we look toward next wednesday and thursday. that's a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thanks, lawrence. did you know vince scully's most famous call at candlestick had nothing to do with baseball? and the mvp puts the bulls on his back in game one against the pacers. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you like hockey or basketball, it is all about playoffs, huh? >> doesn't it seem like yesterday that lebron james took his talents to south beach. >> and the big announcement, which we will hear. >> that's right. after all the hype, the miami heat created in the off- season, anything less than a championship would be considered a failure. >> this one, i will take my time. and join the miami heat. . >> every place will sell out when we come to town. so they can thank us now. >> they got them all. >> discounted. gangsters. pimps. dons. godfather. he got them all. >> the heatles opening up with the sixers in round one. third quarter. lebron, to big d to chris bosh for the two-hand jam. 25 points and 12 rebounds for bosch. miami led by 14 midway through
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the 4th but philly made a run down the stretch. young finishes on the other side of the rim to bring the sixers within one. young came off the bench with a team high 20 points. the heat were able to hold on. duane wade banked it in for part of a three-point play. 17 points for wade. the big three combined for 63 and lead the heat to a 97-89 win. time now for your cbs 5 exclusive playoff breakdown. the heat got to the free throw line 39 times compared to 15 for the sixers. doug collins wouldn't take the bait after the game. >> can you talk about the 39, or 15 free throws? >> i could. my grand kids would lose their college fund. so i will have to dance around that one. a number eight seed has beat a one seed three times in nba history. the last team to do it, the "we believe" warriors in 2007. derrick rose and the bulls have
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the league's best record during the regular season. that didn't impress the pacers who won just 37 games. tyler hansboro stripped carlos boozer and takes it the other way for the dunk and the foul. 22 points for him. and indy led by 10 with 3 1/2 minutes to play. he shows why he is expected to win the mvp. he gets in the lane. to bring chicago within two. and rose went on for a playoff career high 39 points. and then in the final minute, rose finds kyle korver for the wide open three. and gives the bulls the first lead. they close the game on a 16-1 run. to avoid the upset. and take the series opener 104- 99. >> shocked that i see 39, because i thought we did a very good job most of the night on him. the kid is out of this world. i mean you have allen iverson speed. jason kidd vision. chauncey billups shooting. and michael jordan's
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athleticism. how do you guard that? >> it is like a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, you know. [ laughter ] >> every time you tell her you don't want to talk to her, she shows up at the door again. we kept making runs. one run after another run after another. they kept coming back. they kept coming back. and you know, that's why they are the championship level team. >> the sharks will be without defenseman ian white against the kings. he suffered a head injury in game one but told reporters this morning that he expects to return later in the series. detroit johann franzen probably has a good idea how white feels of the face first in the boards but would return later in the game. second period. red wings up 2-0. datsyuk goes behind the legs of the goal but he is denied. the put-back. the red wings beat the coyotes to take a 2-0 series lead. 4-3. . nationwide tour round three
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at stone brai. daniel chopra had the best round of his pro career. a nine under 61 to move to the top of the leader board at 12 under with a one-shot lead. and dodgers hall of fame broadcaster vince scully has called hundreds of games over the years at candlestick park. but the most famous call at the stick had nothing to do with baseball. >> montana. looking, looking. throwing in the end zone. caught. caught! >> yes, it was a great moment. wonderful moment for me. and on that game, it was so good feeling to me that when i got on the air, i said you know, i quit. i quit football. and i made up my mind, that was such a good game to walk away on, i didn't want to do another game. so i didn't. >> you can hear more of dennis' interview with the hall of famer including why he deserves credit for kirk gibson's homerun in the 1988 world series. that's tomorrow night on game day at 11:35. . >> kim, thank you. well killer storms in the
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midwest. and the south. we will show you more of the dramatic video of tornadoes ripping through several states and how people are cleaning up and coping. with their losses. and if you haven't got your invitation to the royal wedding, you're out of luck. it won't look like this spoof, but there will be much pomp and circumstance. how england is getting ready for the big day. that and more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's the way to go. >> i want an invitation to that wedding. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you again at 11:00. until then, your latest news and weather is on have a great night. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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